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Residential Services

For customers looking to clean and sanitize a residential property or outdoor space. Services include decks, pools, houses, driveways, etc.

Commercial Services

For customers who require cleaning of commercial spaces, high rise buildings, fleets of vehicles, construction equipment, etc.

Industrial Services

For customers looking to clean & sanitize their manufacturing facilities, industrial equipment, industrial spills, warehouses, farms, barns, etc.
About US

We work for you since 2002. We are proudly Canadian.

Welcome to Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc, Toronto based pressure washing company that services all of the Greater Toronto Area.

We are specializing in mobile pressure / power washing cleaning services for commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

Over 20 years of experience

Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. has been proudly serving all clients, providing the best eco-friendly mobile truck wash service for all cleaning needs. Our mobile wash technology offers best pressure washing, clean up & sanitation services.

Fully licensed and certified

We are fully insured, licensed by the Ministry of Environment. Our employees are continuously trained, fall protection, and operating the different aerial equipment; they always carry proper safety gear required for the job.

Environmentally-friendly solutions

We are a "green" solution to all your pressure washing needs. We are not using any harmful to the environment cleaning detergents. All of our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and organic.

Professional Power Mobile Wash Services

How We Work


How We Think

Exceptional customer service is first-nature to us! For us, no customer is too small or too large. Our customer profiles range from large governmental organizations, to individuals and small and large corporate entities. We have learned a very simple concept about business; we are nothing without our clients. We change the way we do the business.

Our Mission

To assess the cleaning needs of our client’s equipment and facilities, provide a professional service program that will ensure high quality business images in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations and standards. We are professional, affordable and reliable

Top in Quality

We invested our time, money and research into using only the latest right equipment, environmentally friendly products, industry leading techniques and best practices by well trained professional technicians. Our cleaning technicians are trained to ensure your equipment and properties are cleaned to reflect on how you show your business to the world.

What people say about Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc.

We're so glad we found Power Clean Mobile Wash! They have done an excellent job of cleaning our equipment for us. The staff is always friendly and take great care to make sure everything works out well before they leave each time too, which is really important in this industry where things can get pretty dirty sometimes.
Cindy Black
Cindy Black
When you need your home pressure washed, there is no better company than Power Clean Mobile Wash. I had my house done last year by another service and they did not even compare to how well this team cleans! You won't be disappointed in their quality of workmanship or customer care.
Lowell Thompson
Lowell Thompson
We were so impressed by Power Clean Mobile Wash 's work! They came in a timely manner and their communication is top notch. The power washing cleaning service they provided was amazing, especially considering it was such short notice for us to have an outside cleaner come over on such busy day at work . Thank you!!!
Elliot Conway
Elliot Conway
Keeping our fleet clean is a top priority for us and we have been using professional mobile washer services since they started. They do such an excellent job every time that it's hard to find someone better than them!
Lydia Quinn
Lydia Quinn

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