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Degreasing, Oil Spill Cleanup

Degreasing, Oil Spill Cleanup Services

We know and comply with degreasing, oil spill cleanup services, stain cleaning, wastewater recovery, and vacuuming. Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. employees will come prepared with oil absorbent, socks, berms, and drain covers to make sure the job is done right. Our company is licensed to haul and dispose of oily water by the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MoE).

Over 20 years, Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. developed a efficient and safe degreasing, oil spill cleaning procedures. Our employees can use different detergents depending on the age and surface of the oil spill. We will price the cleaning beforehand or will provide an hourly rate before starting the job. Our estimates are honest, and we will tell you ahead of time if we think the oil spill might not disappear completely.

Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. cleans:

In the case of oil spills on asphalt, multiple application of organic degreasing products might be necessary. It will produce good results if done regularly for over a few weeks. In a case of an oil spill near municipal storm sewers, we can vacuum out the catch basins in the area to prevent further pollution.

Questions? You're covered

01. What is happenning if you are not cleaning oil spills?

Neglecting to clean the surface can lead to the migration of gas and oil from the soil, contaminating nearby streams, rivers, and lakes. Oil in the soil can harm plants, pets, wildlife, and nearby water bodies. It’s crucial not to overlook spills or postpone cleaning. A small spill can escalate quickly and lead to a more severe incident

A liquid spill can disrupt a company’s operations as parts of the workspace may need to be shut down for cleaning. Oil spills can heighten the risk of slips and impede the safe movement of transportation equipment through the area. Additionally, toxic or corrosive fluids will need meticulous cleaning to eliminate any health hazards before the workspace can be reopened.

Spills present a substantial health and safety hazard to all employees and the surrounding environment of your company. It’s crucial to handle spills carefully and address them promptly. Even a minor spill can escalate into a major issue for your company, leading to potential fines and other legal consequences, in addition to health and environmental concerns.

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