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Heavy Equipment Pressure Washing Cleaning

Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. provides heavy equipment pressure washing for heavy equipment different types. Deagreasing and deep cleaning to minimize contaminants especially in all the most important and vulnerable areas such as engine bay, hydraulic lines, moving components joints, fuel tank caps and so on for easier inspection and detecting damage leaks that means to keep your machine running smoothly or just a cosmetic pressure washing to make equipment look good and presentable.

Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. provides pressure washing cleaning services in all of the Greater Toronto Area and parts of the Horseshoe. Whether it is the truck and trailer that hauls your equipment around, or the equipment itself, they both need maintenance. In order to maintain your investment you need to see what you’re doing. Greasing, looking for damage or replacing parts is easier to accomplish when you’re working with a clean piece of equipment.

Being a mobile unit, we can accomplish this work for you at your yard or on the job site. We are available day or night any day of the week to help you with your cleaning needs. Not only can we wash your trucks but we can also brighten your aluminum. Your trailer tank, gas tanks, fenders, bumpers, rims and racks will make your trucks look like new again.

We power wash the following and much more:

Our schedule is flexible. We work after hours and weekends when necessary to minimize your downtime. Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. workers are fully licensed, experienced, and well-trained. Our company is verified by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, providing mobile pressure washing services that fully comply with the strict municipal by-laws. We will not only clean your vehicles on the spot but will also collect all the wastewater during and after pressure washing so the water doesn’t get into sewers polluting the neighborhood and environment.

Questions? You're covered

01. How often is heavy equipment should be cleaned?

Depending on what you produce and how you do it, you may need to clean regularly, like every day or once a week, or sometimes less often. Usually, regular cleaning means taking some things apart. But usually, not all equipment is completely disassembled routinely for cleaning.

Heavy-duty tasks like stripping paint or removing graffiti require 2,800 psi or higher and a gpm of 3 to 4 (8,400+ ECUs). Commercial-grade pressure washers, intended for regular use and built and powered accordingly, start at 3,100 psi.

Our industrial pressure washers provide strong cleaning for different outdoor surfaces, equipment, and floors. Industrial high strength heavy-duty pressure washers efficiently remove grime and dirt with ease.

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