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What Should You Know About Catch Basin?

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  • 21 April 2024
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What Should You Know About Catch Basin?

The Importance of Catch Basin Maintenance

A catch basin serves the purpose of gathering excess rain and groundwater to prevent surface flooding. It’s a component of storm drains or sewer systems designed to trap debris to prevent it from entering drainage pipes.

When catch basins and drains become blocked with debris and sediment, such as rocks, sand, dirt, or leaves, it can lead to water pooling in parking lots, causing flooding, safety risks, and damage to asphalt pavement.

The primary function of a catch basin is to accept stormwater and filter it into the appropriate watershed or sewer, playing a crucial role in preventing flooding and contamination. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to prevent flooding, backups, and hazards.

Similarly, maintaining sump pumps is crucial for their longevity and to avoid potential disasters. With growing environmental concerns, maintenance of underground infrastructure is increasingly important for sustainable and efficient systems.

Power Clean Mobile Wash Inc. offers professional catch basin and drain cleaning services in the Greater Toronto area and Halton region. Their specialized technicians ensure proactive maintenance to address potential issues before emergencies occur. Using high-pressure water streams, they clear debris from catch basins and underground parking areas, preventing flooding.

Their services include removing obstructive elements to keep catch basins and storm drains functioning effectively. Regular cleaning not only prevents damage but also saves costs by identifying and addressing minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs.